Making Alcoholic Beverages Unique and Affordable--New Patent Issued 29 August 2017.

The alcoholic beverage industry is bigger than the pharmaceutical industry, over $1.5 Trillion worldwide, yet the technology for aging alcohol, letting it sit in a barrel, dates back thousands of years. While I have developed many technologies with dozens of patents to make biological drugs more affordable, and these technologies are used to reduce the COGs of biosimilars, now I am reporting my new invention for continuous aging of alcoholic beverages, eliminating wood barrels and forcing the natural process by thousands of times by manipulating the thermodynamics of the Fick's law of diffusion. Now for the first time, we can introduce proprietary tastes using several types of wood simultaneously and produce the desire product at a much lower cost. It is about time that we become more creative with what is perhaps the largest product in the world. Yes, we should make drugs affordable, then why not the beverage that makes billions happy ever day. This patent is one of about a dozen patents on fast aging of alcoholic beverages including wines, whiskies and others, allow storage in multiple-use bottles without affecting the quality of content and many more inventions to change a technology that has seen little change over 7000 years.