With extensive experience across multiple disciplines, Dr Niazi’s expertise includes developing business, conducting research and generating innovation. Listed below are areas in which Dr Niazi has expertise. To learn more about Dr. Niazi's expertise, visit the Contact page.

  • Biosimilar development: scientific review, FTO, analytical similarity testing, statistical modeling
  • Bioprocess technology to reduce COGS
  • Clinical testing protocols
  • FDA submission of 351(k)
  • FDA meetings for biosimilars.
  • High dose biological formulations.
  • Facility design for optimized cost
  • Manufacturing of wine and spirits
  • Patent law practice

LinkedIn Endorsements: Over 2,500 for skills: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Industry, Technology Transfer, Protein Chemistry, Life Sciences, Formulation, Biopharmaceuticals, GMP, FDA, Research, Vaccines, SOP, Regulatory Affairs, GLP, Analytical Chemistry, Validation, Cell Culture, Pharmacokinetics, Biochemistry, Medical Devices, Drug Delivery, R&D, Sop, Microbiology, Immunology, Chromatography, Molecular Biology, Cell, Drug Discovery. 


Dr. Niazi is a prolific author, having written books and articles on topics ranging from biotechnology manufacturing to philosophy and poetry and reaches out to millions of readers.

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With over 100 inventions, Dr. Niazi has provided solutions ranging from reducing side effects of drugs to biological drug manufacturing to improving wines, all with aim to optimize cost and quality.

Human Drugs and Methods




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