A good mind is a mind put to good use.
You’ve lived too long if you can’t find anything to amuse you.
Even your pet dog will bite if you tried taking food out of his mouth.
True mettle comes with a metallic taste in mouth.
Every living thing and every moving object owe their life and motion to another entity.
Brevity comes from clarity.
A bat will respond to , “what do you see,” with “what do you hear?”
Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a genetic program, male sexual dysfunction (MSD), a disorder.
Women are to be loved, not understood.
Men are to be encouraged, not controlled.
Our condescending nature shows in how we named ourselves, sapiens!
100,000 years of evolution is not enough to subdue our killing instincts.
If praying can make God happy, who holds the string?
Every choice, every action is followed by a release of happy chemicals; we are born addicted.
People never change.
All good things in life are either forbidden, fattening or married to someone else.
Scorpion stings without thinking about it.
Golden Rule: He who has gold rules.
Nonsense reaching to the highest limit becomes sensible—Nostradamus is one example.
Humans are the only species on earth that can kill at distance, totally disrupting Darwinian predictions.
What goes in your mouth can hurt you, and what goes out of your mouth can hurt others.
A belief is merely a composite of imperfect observations.
Evolution, by definition, is a slow process, we haven’t evolved enough to understand how slow?
Tolerance to domesticated grains will take a few million years, stay omnivore till then.
Men with mettle are just as rare as rare earth metals.
How would the five billion who believe that there is hell and heaven behave if they find out the truth?
If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing now!