When a creative and analytical mind is scientifically driven, thinking creatively often comes more naturally. A prolific inventor with dozens of patents, Dr. Niazi’s work epitomizes the notion of innovation. The number of patent credited to Dr Niazi is 100+ as shown on  https://patentscope.wipo.int/ search, making Dr. Niazi the most prolific individual inventor in the field of bioprocessing in the world. Provided here are the patents with abstract and the independent claim(s). All patents are first filed in the US; several patents have also been issued in several other countries as well. Here is a link to cover pages of these inventions current as of February 2017 from the website of the European Patent Office.

Dr. Niazi Inventions

Clinical applications of botanical, chemicial and biological drugs: burn, ulcer, diaper rash, ulcers, alopecia, hyperlipidemia, scars, moles, itch, etc. Drugs and formulations: analgesics, female sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, bioequivalence and biosimilarity evaluation.

Unit process engineering technology and processes: filtration, water purification, HVAC optimization, drug delivery systems, medical devices, automobile safety, wine aging, book printing, etc.

Most inventions held by a single individual in the field of bioprocess technology in the world. The scope includes upstream and downstream technology, continuous biomanufacturing, single-use bioreactors, single-container biomanufacturing, non-invasive monitoring, in situ capture, cost optimization, etc.


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