Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Ph.D. 
Executive Chairman, Adello Biologics

Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Ph.D., a leading authority on today’s biologic drug industry, Founder and Chairman of Adello Biologics, LLC (formerly, Therapeutic Proteins International, LLC), a biosimilar products company located in Chicago, is leveraging his diverse background and hands-on experiences to revolutionize the way biologics are made with the goal of enabling greater access to high quality, life-changing biosimilars.

Niazi began his career in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy where he was a tenured professor before entering the industry at Abbott Laboratories as Director of Technical Affairs in its international Division. Throughout his experiences, he witnessed a global disparity that fueled his passion for making high quality biologics affordable and accessible to people in need. He departed Abbott as a Volwiler Fellow to pursue that goal, first through consulting and soon thereafter through the founding of Adello Biolgics.

A prolific inventor with 100+ patents to his name in a variety of technologies; Adello Biologics' proprietary MayaBio single use bioreactor platform is based off a host of patented inventions he championed. Niazi has also authored an extensive amount of published work. His publications include over 100-referenced research articles and abstracts as well as scores of technical books, handbooks and textbooks in the field of biopharmaceutics, clinical pharmacokinetics, recombinant manufacturing, and disposable bioprocessing. His publications also include poetry, translations and philosophical works.

Niazi is the recipient of a number of recognition awards including the Star of Distinction by the Government of Pakistan for his lifetime contributions for promoting technology in developing countries. He is also an inductee of Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and Alumnus of the Year at the University of Illinois. He is also a patent law practitioner.

Niazi is also an avid photographer, guitarist and music composer. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. 


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