Founder of the largest funded US biosimilars company, Adello Biologics, and the most innovative, fast-to-market, biosimilars company, K, achievements that brought him into the Chicago Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, naming by the Forbes Magazine as "the most interesting man in the world for making high cost drugs affordable," and many other media.


An experienced scientist, who has been developing biosimilars for over two decades, across the globe; his works include the large manufacturing facilities, regulatory management, scientific oversight and fast-to-market approach to make biosimilars widely available. Products developed by Dr. Niazi are widely used around the world and soon will be in the US.


Professor of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Adj., University of Illinois, University of Houston, HEJ Research Institute, and National University of Science and Technology; 45+ years of teaching pharmaceutical sciences. He is a fellow of several scientific and learned societies including the Royal Society of Biology. His 40+ graduate students and thousands of undergraduates populate the universe.


Published 100+ research papers, scores of landmark books (50 ISBNs) in the field of  bioprocess engineering, biosimilars, GMP commercial formulations, regulatory guidance, poetry translations, philosophy, art and rhetoric. Contributed regulatory guidance documents for most major agencies including FDA.


Since his first invention in 1977 for weight loss, Dr. Niazi is now the largest holder of solo patents in bioprocessing technology; his other inventions include NCEs, complex drug delivery systems, analytical testing, clinical applications, facility designs, etc. Recognizing wide use of his inventions, he was conferred the highest -.

IP law Practitioner

Prosecuted hundreds of US and foreign patent applications for his own inventions as well as of scientists across the globe, who cannot afford to pay for US patent prosecution, resulting in hundreds of patents for NCEs, drug delivery systems, biotechnology, computer technology, bio-defense techniques, etc. His consulting arm, PSI, offers the most effective FTO services to the biopharmaceutical industry.


PharmSci®, a "novel solutions" consulting service of Dr. Niazi helps develop creative solutions for the pharmaceutical, botanical and biopharmaceutical industry, from drug design to market, specializing in FDA regulatory filings. He has also served as expert witness in several court cases. He is widely known for creating Development Master Plans (DMPs) for complex drugs for fast-to-market target.


A widely sought after speaker on scientific, technical and philosophic subjects relating to the pharmaceutical industry, literature, poetry, photography, advanced physics, American art, innovations, regulatory guidance and contemporary solutions to prevalent trends. His radio broadcast on Voice of America (US State Department) has reached to billions across the globe.

other interests

Appreciating how time humbles us; for  "in the journey of life, the destinations that we pass by, we never come across," [full lyrics] Dr Niazi captures those fleeting moments as people, places and plurality, and paradigms. A translation of the lyrics is listed here. Playing amateur guitar, he creates lyrics to the widely popular classic and popular music.


While Dr Niazi lives in Illinois and Wisconsin, he considers himself to be a global citizen, having traveled extensively to far and unreachable destinations, over 500, in his lifetime and continues his travel ventures to meet and greet Homo sapiens, among other species.


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