Life is Just a Long Walk!

Entrepreneur: inductee Entrepreneur Hall of Fame; hundreds of millions raised

Professor: Faculty at four major universities

Biosimilars Pioneer: Took dozens of products to market

Regulatory: Created fast-to-markt biosmilars

FDA: Convinced a major change in the approval process of biosimilars

Inventor: 100+ patents in bioprocessing, new drugs and formulations

Author : 50+ books-science, technology and literature

Researcher: 100+ research publications

Patent Law practitioner; secured 400+ patents on gratis basis for 3rd World scientists

Forbes Magazine: "The most interesting man changing healthcare"

Decorated: Star of Distinction (Sitarae Imtiaz): Civil Award

Photographer: People, Places, Pluralities and Paradigms

Radio Host: US State Department VOA programmer

Classic Music Composer




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