Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Ph.D. 
Founding Executive Chairman, Adello Biologics, LLC

Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Ph.D., a well-recognized authority on the contemporary biolopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry, is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Adello Biologics, LLC, a pure-play biosimilar products company located in Chicago, IL, Piscataway, NJ and Cashel, Ireland. Adello leverages his diverse technical expertise and broad experience to develop, manufacture, secure regulatory approval and commercialize biosimilars globally.

As an entrepreneur, Niazi has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and became recognized as an inductee into the Chicago Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

Niazi began his career teaching pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy where he was tenured before entering the industry at Abbott International, where he departed as a Volwiler Fellow, to advise companies entering the new field of bosimilars around the globe. In this capacity, Niazi assisted in many complex FDA and EMA submissions and approvals for chemical, biological drugs, and natural product drugs, managing budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide on behalf of his global clients. He has also assisted regulatory agencies, educational institutions, investment bankers and the writing of the BPCIA as part of the Affordable Care Act. Later, Niazi established his own company with a vision to make biosimilar more affordable.

A prolific inventor with scores of patents,  most prominently in the field of bioprocessing technology, Niazi is currently the largest single holder of bioprocess technology patents. The technology invented by Niazi reduces capital investment requirement, operational cost, regulatory barriers, time to market and optimization of product quality. His inventions are widely recognized globally. Adello Biologics' proprietary MayaBio®, a single-use bioreactor platform is based off scores of his patented inventions. His other inventions span a broad category of technologies, new chemical entities, new formulations, new analytical methodologies, and much more.

He is widely written about for his technical expertise and passion in the world press; the Forbes Magazine lists him as the most interesting man in the world for his efforts in making high-cost drugs affordable across the globe; other include The Chicago TribuneCrain's BusinessThe Express, and  Diagnostico Brazil, In 2015, Niazi became honored as the Alumnus of the Year by the University of Illinois.

With over 50 ISBNs under his name, Niazi has authored many landmark books: the first textbook in the field of clinical pharmacokinetics that remains a primary teaching tool for over 40 years, the longest running edition of any book in the pharmaceutical sciences; a 6-volume series of pharmaceutical manufacturing formulations, the largest such book; the Handbook of Biogeneric Therapeutic Proteins, the first book on biosimilars before even the name 'biosimilar' was coined, the Handbook of Bioequivalence Testing, the most comprehensive book on the subject and several other pivotal technical books. Dr. Niazi has also authored a number of consumer books, and translations of Urdu and Persian poetry into English, among many others.

He currently serves as an adjunct faculty at several key teaching institutions, a Fellow of several learned societies, an editor of scientific journals, a member of the National Advisory Board of the College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois. He is a recipient of one of the highest civilian awards, Star of Distinction in Engineering, from the Pakistani President.

He has hosted a radio show at Voice of America (US State Department) on a weekly basis for more than 5 years with audience into billions. His blogs deal with the resolution of contemporary issues from a scientific, philosophic and rational viewpoint.

Niazi is also an avid photographer, guitarist, and music composer. He lives in Illinois and Wisconsin.


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