Dr. Niazi is a patent law practitioner before the US Patent and Trademark Office. His area of expertise includes new drugs, both chemical and biological, drug formulations, novel compositions, gene sequence, bioprocessing, biotechnology, analytical methodologies, as well as computer sciences, internet, technology, automobile designs, aerospace, etc. Niazi assists scientists scientists and institutions unable to afford filing US patents on a gratis basis; given below is a list of some of the patents he has successfully prosecuted. These may be available for licensing. Niazi is not an agent of any inventor listed below. Patent numbers removed for the privacy of clients.

Inventions Prosecuted 

  1. 3-[(2-Furyl-1-(3-Hydroxyl-10, 13-Dimethyl-Tetra Deca Hydroxy-1H-Cyclopenta (ß) Phenanthren-17-Yl]-3-Phenyl-2-Propen-1-One Or Derivatives Thereof For Treating Or Preventing Antiviral Infections.
  2. 3-Amino-2-(4-Nitrophenyl)-4-(3H)-Quinazolinone Or Derivatives Thereof For Treating Or Preventing Antiviral Infections
  3. 4-[2-(Dipropylamino)Ethyl]-1,3-Dihydro-2H-Indol-2-One (Ropinirole) A New Inhibitor Of Jack Bean Urease Enzyme: An Example Of Drug Repurposing
  4. 4-Hydroxybenzohydarzide – A New Class Of Angiogenic Enzyme Thymidine Phosphorylase Inhibitors
  5. 7-Nitro-2-(3-Nitro Phenyi)-4H-3,1-Benzoxazin-4-One Or Derivatives Thereof For Treating Or Preventing Antiviral Infections.
  6. A Non Addictive Morphine Plus Buspirone Combination For The Treatment Of Pain
  7. A Novel Process And Catalyst For Carbon Dioxide Conversion To Energy Generating Products
  8. Abbasi Strain Of Rice
  9. Alove Vera Coating Of Potato Chips
  10. Anthranilic Acid Drivatives: Novel Inhibitors Of Advanced Glycation End Products (Ages) Formation
  11. Antibiotic Bushrin
  12. Antitubercular Alkaloid
  13. Aqueous Water And Oil Repellent Composition
  14. Artonin 1 To Treat Resistant Infectious Staphylococcus Aureus
  15. Association Rule Mining Or Mining Co Varying Metrics
  16. Automatic Intelligent Hybrid Electricity Generating Device
  17. Bi-Axial Bias Weaving Machine And Material Thereof
  18. Binary Tree Based Multilever Cache System For Multicore Processors
  19. Bio-Active Antioxidants From Plant Foods For Nutraceutical Product Development
  20. Chymotrypsin Inhibitors
  21. Ciprofloxacin Loaded Diethylaminoethyl Cellulose Nanoparticles
  22. Cognitive Hub For Self-Healing And Self-Forming Network With Hybrid Communication Technologies
  23. Drug Repositioning: Urease Inhibitory Activity Of (2s)-1-[(2s)-2-Methyl-3-Sulfanylpropanoyl]Pyrrolidine-2-Carboxylic Acid (Captopril)
  24. Environmentally Benign TFC Bleaching Sequences For AS/AQ Wheat Straw Pulp
  25. Hydrazone Derivatives Of Ethyl 4-Piperidinecarboxylate For The Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes
  26. Immunosuppressive Compounds
  27. In Silico Based Techniques In The Identification Of Potent B-Glucoronidase Inhibitors
  28. Inhibitors Of Advanced Glycation End-Products (Ages ) Formation
  29. Method For Preparing Antibacterial Disperse And Acid Dyes And Application For Preparation Of Dyed Fabrics With Antibacterial Properties
  30. Method Of Data Storage On Cloud Data Enter For Reducing Processing And Storage Requirements By Engaging User Equipment
  31. Method Of Manufacture Silver Oxide Nano Particles
  32. Method Of Producing Tibolone Metabolites By Fermentation With Cunnighamella Elegans.
  33. Method Of Producing Tibolone Metabolites By Fermentation With Fusarium Lini
  34. Method Of Producing Tibolone Metabolites By Fermentation With Gibberella Fujikuroi
  35. Method Of Producing Tibolone Metabolites By Fermentation With Rhizopus Stolonifer
  36. Myrtocomuloacetalone (1) A Potent Anti-Inflammaroty Compound From Myrtus Communis Linn
  37. Nano Catalytic Dewaxing Of Heavy Petrolium Wastes(>C-33 Alkanes)
  38. Nano-Lucite For Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer And Green Environment
  39. Network Management System For Frequency Hopped Techtical Radios
  40. New Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors From Hydroxylation Of Tibolone
  41. New Anticonvulsant Compounds
  42. New Formulation Physali Minima Against Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
  43. New Steroidal Antitubeerular Compound
  44. New Treatment Of Diabetes Mellitus
  45. New Tyrosine Inhibitors From Hydroxylation Of Tibolone
  46. Novel Alpha Glucosidase Activator Pulicarside 1
  47. Novel Delivery System For Anticancer Drug Based On Short-Chain-Length Polyhydroxyalkanoate Nanoparticles
  48. Novel Design Of An Effervescent Atomizer With Gas Injection At Reduced Pressures
  49. Novel Natural Antioxidants From Lichens
  50. Novel Sono-Electrolysis For Metal Removal
  51. Patuletin A
  52. Porous Cellulose Nanofibers Method Of Preparation
  53. Potent Anti-TNF-Α And Ant-Arthritic Compound From Tagetes Patula
  54. Potent Inhibiors Of Human Carbonic Anhydrase II And Bovine Carbonic Anhydrase And Their Mechanism Of Action
  55. Pourous Cellulose Nanofibers Method Of Preparation
  56. Process For Microwave-Assisted Synthesis Of 2-(2',4''-Dichloroanilino)Benzoic Acid As An Anti-Lieshmanial Agent
  57. Process For Recombinant Protein Expression Augmentation In Bacillus Expression System
  58. Process To Make Iron Based Electrocatalyst, An Anode Mateiral An Electrochemical System And A Process For Water Conversion, Catalysis And Fuel Generation
  59. Quinazolines As Β-Glucuronidase Novel Inhibitors
  60. Radar Deception Jamming Prevention Using Bi-Static And Mono-Static Radars
  61. Receiver Side Combining LINC Amplifier
  62. Reversal Of Insulin Resistance And Dyslipidemia In High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Rat Models By Physalis Minima L. Extract
  63. Schiff Bases Of Thiazoles: A New Class Of Ureases Inhibitors
  64. Single Step Liquefaction And Saccharification Of Corn Starch Using And Acidophilic, Calcium Independent And Hyperthermophilic Pullulanase
  65. Small Molecule Activators Of HSLV Protease For Development Of Novel Antimicrobials
  66. Solvent-Free Synthesis Of Acetaminophen
  67. Storage Of Entomopathorgenic Nematodes
  68. Storage-Area & Temporal Based Optimized Run Length Codec For Classic JPEG Image Compression (SAT-BORL CODEC)
  69. Synchronous Reluctance Motor For Conducting Media
  70. Synchronous Reluctance Motor For Conducting Media
  71. Synthesis And Biological Studies Of An Isomeric Mixture Of (E/Z) Isoxylitones And Its Analogues
  72. Thiourea Derivatives As
  73. Treatment And Inhibition Of Protozoal Diseases With Nandroone And Its Derivatives
  74. Turbidity Removal Solution
  75. Use Of Coagulin-H Or Derivatives Thereof As Immunosuppressive Agents
  76. Use Of Unsaponifiable Extract Obtained From Vegetable Oil Deodorizer Distillate For The Stabilization Of Canola Oil
  77. Zinc Oxide Nanoflakes For Treatment Of Pollutants


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