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The Omega Connection, Esquire Press, Illinois, 1982; ISBN-13: 9780961784102

 Adsorption and Chelation Therapy, Esquire Press, Illinois; 1987. ISBN-9780961784140

 Attacking the Sacred Cows: The Health Hazards of Milk, Esquire Press, Illinois; 1988; ISBN-13: 9780961784119

Endorphins: The Body Opium, Esquire Press, Illinois; 1988; ISBN 9780961784126

Nutritional Myths: The Story No One Wants to Talk About, Esquire Press, Illinois. ISBN 9780961784133

Wellness Guide. Ferozsons Publishers. Pakistan 2002. ISBN 9789690017932

Love Sonnets of Ghalib: Translations, Explication and Lexicon, Ferozsons Publishers, Lahore, Pakistan 2002 and Rupa Publications, New Delhi, India 2002; ISBN-13: 9788171675968

There is No Wisdom: Selected Love Poems of Bedil. Translations from Darri Farsi, Sarfaraz K. Niazi and Maryam Tawoosi, Ferozsons Private (Ltd), Lahore, Pakistan, 2015 ISBN 978969025036

Wine of Love: Complete Translations of Urdu Persian Love Poems of Ghalib, Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Ferozsons Private (Ltd), Lahore, Pakistan, 2016. ISBN: TBA

The Belief: Deconstructing Human Factor. 2017. ISBN: TBD



See how Dr. Niazi captures the people, places, paradoxes and pluralities through his lens.

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