Women can kill you—

Women can kill you—moral of legendary Shireen-Farhad love tale.

Khusro Pervaiz was the king of Persia; his wife Shireen was a knockout and guess what the lad down the road by the name of Farhad fell for her; O! maan, the king was pissed off; he tried to break this thing up but the kid had some charisma. But the king was wiser; so one day he called Farhad to his home (located about half way between Baghdad and Mashad) in a valley and he made an indecent proposal to Farhad. Listen, kid if you can dig out a canal of milk from these rugged mountains to my palace, you can have Shireen. Shireen cooed. Like a big fool, which we now learn most lovers are, he worked his ass off and lo! and behold he dug out a canal, actually, a barge to bring water to Khusro's palace. It was now Khusro's turn to use his brain power against Farhad's muscle power. As soon as Farhad entered the palace the King came running to him and embraced him crying and told him that last night Shireen died suddenly waiting for him. Those words were too much and Farhad hit himself on the head with spade he has been using and killed himself instantly. Next morning Khusro and Shireen flew in to Paris to have a cappuccino. Moral of the story: If you ain’t got the brains, don’t go for heart; losing you ass for your heart means you lose your heart too. Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib was also adamant of it and refused to accept Farhad as a sane lover. The point Ghalib raised was that it is OK to do such great feats for your beloved but to do this for her husband is outright foolish. So here it is all those young (and not so young) lovers make sure you engage your mind before you go full throttle with your heart. Women can kill you.