Why are Men Funnier than Women?

Women agree and men second it that men are indeed funnier than women. Bette Midler, Mae West, Roseanne Bar, Joan Rivers, Erma Bombeck, Phyllis Diller, Whoopi Goldberg, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett and a score of other women aside, men take the laurels of being more funny, with a better sense of humor. Name one stand-up comedian on TV anywhere in the world? Does it mean men have a bigger funny bone? Not quite but we must look at our daily experiences to find reasons why men are funnier than women. Take any situation where people are present, at a party, in the elevator, in a queue, men are more likely to crack a joke than women. In fact, nothing works better in breaking ice than a joke, speakers-in-training are told repeatedly. A joke, a funny remark, a wisecrack that brings smile or even a laughter almost immediately removes the bubble, the shell, the barrier between and among people. They may not know each other but having laughed together, they have shared something and that removes any alien feeling amongst them. Are women less capable of doing this? No. It’s just that being funny to strangers can turn out to be not very funny, women are told as they fight the male androgynous response continually. Women are taught not to open up and they take it to their heart. As a result of this lifetime of brainwashing, they miss out on the opportunities of being funny instantly. [A woman was asked why do women not tell as many jokes as men do?. She responded, "we need not, we marry them."]

Another reason why men are better at telling jokes is because they take them better as well. Try insulting a woman and you know what I mean. He who cracks a wise one should be prepared to take one himself also, is the prime dictum of being funny. Women can’t. It is because women are almost always just too conscious of their appearance, their personality, their nature and yes, their reputation. This is a cultural teaching given to them. You wanna’ get a good man to marry, then don’t get a reputation of being too smart and a host of other anecdotal brainwashing young girls get from their mothers. A real man can tell a good joke and is ready to be a butt of joke as well. Women do not like the butt part of it (not very funny?). If you really want to test out this thesis, look at the people, the communities, and the nationalities, which are butts of joke everywhere. Whether it is Irish, the Polish, the Sardarjis, the people from the district Kursi or the Pathans, one thing that distinguishes them is their ability to make jokes about themselves. I have heard so many polish jokes from "pollacks" that it is no longer funny. Funny? Men also take rejections well, especially when a joke bombs. Often the fear of bombing a joke makes women keep their mouth shut.

The third reason why men are funnier is because there are women out there to woo. Yes. Guess what does every survey ever taken anywhere in the world lists the top characteristic women look for in men to marry—they all want their men to have a good sense of humor besides having such mundane characteristics as sensitivity, capacity for closeness, ability to fix leaking toilets and yes, bringing enough bread home. [For all those who care, looks rate way below in women’s choice of characteristics in men they look for.] Why do women feel that way? It’s because they know better how the world turns. They know what makes a household run as they’ve been trained taking to take on a maternal role. Having a husband with a sense of humor makes it more bearable. Funnymen take criticism better and women can’t help being critical (even sometimes for right reasons as well. Ouch!). [How many women does it take to tell a joke? Two. One to tell and the other to say, "not very funny."]. A humorous man is also good to keep because if he can make her laugh, she can be more relaxed and happy (in this case medically since laughing titillates hypothalamus that releases chemicals which boost body’s immunity to disease). In any mixed company, you would always find it’s a man who is trying to make everyone laugh and making them all love him; a wife wouldn’t mind having around a man with good taste in humor, a man who is popular (not necessarily with other better looking women). Being humorous is perhaps an innate character of men to woo women. If you have never experienced asking a woman out, try it with a stern serious sourpuss face. Humor makes it easy to take rejections. It’s all biologic, social and scientific and believe me, man to man, it works provided you don’t take it too far, because there is nothing more disastrous than a woman telling you it isn’t funny when you propose to marry her.

The fourth reason why men are funnier is because they like to make and keep friendships. Men can be the best friends with other men across cultures as the history tells us. Being funny is being resilient to put up with the strains of friendship. Women would not consider it funny to invest and lose money with a friend. Good male friends often would. Can you imagine laughing out at stupid mistake that cost you the short off your back. Men can laugh and move on; women would think of it repeatedly and sulk. Being funny is also another reason why men and women strike friendships that last beyond the duel of sexuality.

The final reason why the world speaks of men being funnier, including this article is that men have been propagating this thesis for long. The fact is that women laugh more than men. [In the yearly contests held by Eskimos for laughing, women always take top spots.] Girls giggle and find just about every thing to laugh about and at when they are in their teens. Boys don’t. It’s just when they grow up in a society that favors masculinity over femininity, men turn out to be better at humor. Men and women both agree on this. Any wisecracks on this conclusion?