Ghalib's opening verse

This opening verse of Ghalib’s Urdu poetry is devotional in nature. Who created this Universe?, the first verse asks in a slightly surprised manner. In the second verse, Ghalib says that all that is visible (or corporeal) in the Universe is clad in a paper dress as if pleading, bowing before the Lord. This construction of "pleading in a paper dress" is drawn from an old Persian tradition of men entering the courts of kings wearing paper clothing to show their humbleness. Also, the word candidate is derived from Latin meaning some one presenting their credentials wearing white clothes. A simple verse it appears to be but it is not. In the first verse Ghalib talks about Universe as if it were a charismatic stroke of writing wherein each word of His writing is questioning who wrote them? In the second part of the verse Ghalib talks about everything in Universe being wrapped in paper--and thus draws a beautiful connection with charismatic writing.